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Protect your emotional health

We are all well practiced at protecting our physical health. If we hurt our knee we happily visit a doctor, receive treatment and make moves to successfully recover. Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said about our emotional health. Many people struggle in silence with mental health issues, emotional turmoil or relationship distress without seeking help. Our emotional health is no less vital than our physical health, and neglecting it can have tragic consequences.
Counselling and psychotherapy provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings with a trained professional, confidentially and without judgement. There are many reasons why people seek counselling and many ways that therapy can support people to live a happier and more content life. Explore below some of the most common issues and concerns that lead people to counselling.
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Anxiety is a very healthy and normal emotion; however, it becomes problematic when it encroaches on your life on a day-to-day basis. This makes you feel like you cannot cope with worry or that you are not in control of your thoughts. Anxiety can be very frightening and can lead to more severe apprehension, fear, nervousness and panic attacks.

How do you know if your anxiety has become problematic? You may have trouble eating or sleeping, concentrating, you may feel constantly on edge or have noticed increased irritability. Physical symptoms may also occur such as raised heart rate, chest pains or palpitations, stomach disorders, shaking, sweating and feeling nauseous, to name a few.

Treatment of anxiety can present in different ways, from learning relaxation techniques and mindfulness, to developing tools and strategies through CBT and lifestyle changes. You can rest assured that however anxiety presents itself, counselling will be tailored to you as the client. It is important to discover the approach that fits best with you, and I can help you achieve just that.

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Bereavement, Grief and Loss

The pain of losing a loved one can be unbearable and you may think you will never get over the sadness. Sometimes the grief begins before the loss of someone close, or maybe your grief is about a different kind of loss: the loss of a relationship, such as divorce, a job, the decline of your own or someone else's health, retirement, a miscarriage, financial stability or the death of a much loved pet.

Regardless of the cause, every person will experience bereavement, grief and loss in their own way, all of which are valid. Understanding the grieving process can be very beneficial and it is important to know there is no time limit on grief.

It is vital that you have a safe space to explore all of your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement. Expressing grief is essential, facing your feelings and allowing grief to unfold in its most natural form. I can help you work through those difficult emotions and help you to move through the stages with support and understanding. Grief can make you feel very alone but you don't have to be.

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Relationships can be the most rewarding areas of our life whether it be partnerships, friendships or family relationships. However, difficulties can occur causing a breakdown of communication, stress and anxiety, powerlessness, unbalance and tension, not to mention hurt and resentment.

Sometimes you may feel that you are not being heard or that others don't understand you, you may feel jealousy about a past relationship or infidelity may have occurred. Are you experiencing an unhealthy relationship where abusive behaviour may be present.

Seeking support is a difficult step but talking things through with a third party can offer you insight into some of the difficult aspects of your relationship. It can help you to identify difficult patterns in your relationship, improve communication, help manage differences by exploring contributing factors and help you make decision that are right for you and your future.

I am not, a 'Couple's Counsellor' and only work one to one with clients. If you require 'Couple's Counselling' this may be a different avenue to explore with a trained Couples Therapist.

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Low Self-esteem and Confidence

Are you suffering from low self-esteem or a lack of confidence? Do you hide away from social situations, or fear going for that promotion? Do you compare yourself to others, think you are not good enough or feel anxious, depressed or ashamed? Do you find yourself avoiding and dreading challenging situations?

We have all experienced that inner critic telling us we are not good enough or have lost sight of our positive strengths and accomplishments. It can feel impossible to overcome sometimes but there are many ways we can work on building confidence and stop being so self-critical.

CBT and counselling can help you to recognise your skills and strengths, to uncover the root cause to feelings of low self-worth and slowly help you to build self-belief, focussing on positive change and realistic goals. The internal fears we have are often based on 'crooked' thinking and out of date messages we learned growing up.  We will work in the here and now, challenge those 'fear' thoughts and in turn help you to see your worth as you are now.

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Do you think you might be suffering from stress? Stress is a normal and healthy reaction that as humans, we all experience. Your body will react to experiences, changes or challenges, to avoid danger, keeping us alert and alive! However, often our stress response becomes a problem when we don't have periods of relaxation in between those stress responses.

Long term stress can take its toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally. Symptoms can include chest pain, heart racing, headaches, dizziness, lack of libido, weakened immune system, exhaustion, depression, digestive problems, and sadness.  We can also develop unhelpful 'stress' behaviours such as overeating or other eating disorders, gambling, using drugs, smoking and drinking.

There are many ways to combat stress. CBT tools are a great way to learn more healthy and positive behaviours to reduce stress and build in relaxation into your routine. Mindfulness is also a fantastic way of learning to be more present, balanced and less reactive to situations. I have many clients who have benefitted greatly from learning a few mindful exercises that have become part of their everyday life, changing their outlook on managing stress in a healthy and productive way.

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Your life doesn't get better by chance. It gets better by change.

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